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Atmore’s historic notable figures and events include being the birthplace of boxer Evander Holyfield, the site of Railroad Bill’s death, an infamous train robber that was killed following a shootout with the law in 1896, and the home to the first female football kicker to score in an American football game in 1939. Luverne Wise Albert, played for Escambia High School and her fame packed the stadium with crowds traveling as far as 180 miles. Other historic icons include the Strand Theatre and former Atmore Hardware Store that serve as focal points of the district. Atmore originally named Williams Station in 1866 after William Larkin Williams, a logging entrepreneur that set up shop along the spur of the Mobile and Great Northern Railroad.  Growth continued as more suppliers settled in the area boosting the economy with lumber and turpentine industries.  The town was renamed in 1897 to honor C.P. Atmore, the general railroad ticket agent.  

Atmore was selected for Main Street Alabama Designation in June 2020.

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