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Welcome to Woodlawn - where finding your fit in a vibrant community is not just easy but inevitable!

Nestled within Birmingham, Alabama, the Woodlawn Business District is a welcoming beacon for both seasoned residents and newcomers, celebrating inclusivity, support, and the distinctive flavor of a historic community.

A Strong, Supportive Community

Woodlawn takes pride in fostering a nurturing environment that lowers barriers for women and minority entrepreneurs. The close-knit community works hand-in-hand to uphold and enhance the unique essence of this historical area while creating a supportive platform for local entrepreneurs to realize their dreams.

Woodlawn Urban Main: Nurturing Equitable Entrepreneurship

Through the synergistic partnership of Woodlawn Business Association, REV Birmingham, Woodlawn United, and supportive neighborhood groups, the Woodlawn Urban Main initiative is a living testament to community strength and collaboration. With crucial planning support from Main Street Alabama and Main Street America, this coalition actively implements the Main Street’s Four Point Approach.

Strategically focusing on Equitable Entrepreneurship, these dedicated partners tirelessly drive community improvement projects, infusing life and vibrancy into Woodlawn’s historic business district. From uplifting façade improvements to hosting the captivating Woodlawn Street Market, every project underlines the commitment to fostering local entrepreneurship and maintaining the spirited vibe of Woodlawn.

Woodlawn Street Market

Since its inception in 2014, the Woodlawn Street Market at 55th Place has been a springboard for aspiring entrepreneurs. This bustling event not only offers a dynamic platform for business dreams to take flight but also invites visitors to immerse themselves in Woodlawn's inspiring renaissance.

Woodlawn takes pride in being home to unique establishments that reflect the community’s spirit and diversity. The 2 Dough Girlz at 5422 1st Ave N is not merely a pizza spot; it’s a symphony of delightful food, camaraderie, and music that encapsulates the Hip-Hop culture. Similarly, Woodlawn Theatre isn’t just a venue; it’s a testimony to the resilience and vibrancy of the local music scene, providing unequivocal support to artists and music aficionados alike. Woodrow Hall, with its exquisite architecture and timeless charm, stands as a testament to Woodlawn’s rich history and cultural tapestry, providing an ideal space for various events and gatherings. Adding to the eclectic mix is POLARIS Birmingham. More than just an event space, POLARIS is an innovative hub bringing together a diverse group of entrepreneurs, dynamic companies, and creators under one roof. Providing flexible event and co-working spaces, POLARIS exemplifies the vibrancy and innovative spirit that defines Woodlawn, offering a collaborative environment where ideas flourish and visions are realized.

Woodlawn Marketplace: A Retail Incubator

Initiated in Fall 2021, the Woodlawn Marketplace started as a month-long mini-market experience and swiftly grew into a permanent fixture due to its overwhelming success. This retail incubator, crafted by REV Birmingham, features seasoned vendors from the Woodlawn Street Market, providing a space for local entrepreneurs to flourish. Vendors include:

  • Mattie's Garden: Run by the dedicated Jacqueline Jackson, Mattie’s Garden promotes healthy living through its array of organic herbs and veggies.

  • Change of Plans: Crafted to nourish and delight, Change of Plans offers a range of organic juices and healthy treats, alongside valuable nutrition guides.

  • WE Made: This empowering 4-month training program assists individuals in unlocking their vocational potential while creating quality baking mixes & home goods.

  • Element & Vibe: A Birmingham-based t-shirt company on a mission to awaken the world one garment at a time. 

  • Marsuko Jewelry: Discover the heart and soul of Woodlawn in Angela Santiago’s creations, where each piece of jewelry is a harmonious blend of artistry, passion, and community love.

Come take a delightful journey to Woodlawn Marketplace, where your visit and support directly empower local entrepreneurs, fostering a thriving community of vibrant shops and unique, handcrafted goods.

REV Birmingham

Woodlawn is not just a historic district; it’s a lively canvas of dreams, opportunities, and community spirit. With its supportive environment and commitment to equitable entrepreneurship, Woodlawn is the place where dreams are nurtured, businesses are born, and community thrives. Whether you’re looking to start a venture, find delightful local products, or simply soak in the rich cultural tapestry, Woodlawn welcomes you with open arms!

REV Birmingham works in other areas of the city, including the City Center. Check out their economic vitality report to learn more.

Our Main Street Success Story

Woodlawn is about finding your fit. Whether you’ve been around for a minute or are new to the block, the Woodlawn Business District has a built-in support system for people who want to make our community better. Woodlawn's main street program and strong community works together to lower barriers and speed the pathway for women and minority entrepreneurs. As it continues to grow, Woodlawn remains focused on keeping the flavor that’s distinctive to our historic community.

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