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Outside shot of downtown building

For well over a century we have served as the seat of Walker County.  We began as a railroad town that grew to serve the coal mines and farms of the surrounding countryside.  We thrived as a center of commerce as businesses opened around the Courthouse square and beyond. 

Over the years Jasper’s downtown has witnessed remarkable history.  Congressmen and senators made their home here.  Stars of movies and television walked our downtown streets as children.  A president mourned a friend and colleague in our Methodist Church.

Downtown Jasper has weathered storms whose winds ripped buildings from their foundations.  We have seen the changes brought about as traditional businesses have moved from downtown to the highway.  We have watched the economy that built this place change.

Yet, stately churches stand testament to the faith we have in this place we call home.  Our Courthouse and City Hall stand as proud reminders of our role as a center of government and service.  And many businesses remain steadfast in their choice to remain here. 

Today we stand on the cusp of change with remarkable momentum.  We are remaking vacant storefronts into the largest collection of specialty shops in the region.  Our restaurants serve food and ambiance that feel like you are dining in a much larger city.  Our events attract people from Jasper, Walker County, and beyond.  

Businesses young and old are creatively rethinking how downtown Jasper will prosper.  We invite you to be a part of this significant renaissance.  We welcome those ready to explore our dynamic place to visit, to enjoy, or to stay.

We are Downtown Jasper, Flourish with Us.

Our Main Street Success Story

Please review Jasper Main Street's Vision 2022 publication “Find a Friend…And Flourish” which details their work plans for 2022 and includes impressive statistics since becoming a Main Street Alabama Designated Community.

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