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Space for Reflection and Mediation - a Welcoming Addition to Downtown Fort Payne

Jul 21st, 2021


Take a stroll with Connie Fuller, Fort Payne Main Street Director, in the Life Garden in Fort Payne's walking park. Connie explains that the garden was designed by David Isbell of Twelve Oaks Landscaping and is based on "life's journey which is a never-ending circle - and just as the seasons of the year move along the circle, so do our lives."

She continues to paint the picture of the park by describing that as one enters the garden toward the East(Sunrise) and strolling clockwise, you transition through the seasons; Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. The center of the space, which can be accessed through three points, serves as a reminder that we all find our life's center destination through different points which are unique to one's self. The focal point of the destination space is a fountain of water, a universal nourishment for all living creatures with a bench for visitors to sit, meditate while reflecting on one's thoughts and feelings. There's a journal on the bench so one can express their thoughts and feelings.  As you exit the garden moving to the West (Sunset) know that the circle continues and is never-ending as is your life's journey.

Click to watch the video to learn more about the Life Garden

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