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Birmingham's ATT Building Revitalized to The 600

Jul 19th, 2023


Birmingham's downtown area is undergoing a major transformation, with new projects aimed at revitalizing the city and attracting new residents. One of the latest projects is the redevelopment of the former AT&T City Center skyscraper building, which is being transformed into The 600, a luxury apartment complex. Main Street Alabama believes this transformation promises to bring new life to this corner of downtown.

Birmingham's ATT Building Revitalized to The 600

The 600, renamed from the former AT&T City Center, is set to open in the summer of 2023. The project was acquired by Varden Capital Properties, Tellus Partners, and Buckhaven Construction in 2018. The developers aim to revitalize downtown Birmingham by infusing it with vitality and attracting people back to the area. According to David Fleming, President and CEO of Rev Birmingham, “It’s good to see that this project is underway, which will bring life and people back to this corner of downtown.”


The redevelopment as a way to continue community revitalization by bringing families back downtown. Birmingham City Council President Wardine Alexander believes that The 600 will add more apartment options downtown and bring an economic boost to the area. Alexander said, "Bringing people who will be spending money, they'll want to find good schools for their children and be a part of the economic impact here in the city of Birmingham."


The 600's Redevelopment

The 600's redevelopment project was delayed due to the pandemic but is now set to open this summer. Main Street Alabama is excited about the revitalization of the building and the benefits it will bring to the community.


The 600 promises to offer residents a wide range of amenities and features, including:


  • 404 luxury apartment units, ranging from cozy studios to spacious three-bedroom units

  • Restaurant and retail space on the lobby level

  • 10% of the units at The 600 will be large-scale, family-sized apartment rental units

  • 29th floor is dedicated to amenities that include a 5,000-square-foot professional gym quality fitness center, game room with game tables, a large theater room, and a co-working space with offices, conference tables, and seating areas for people who want to work from home

  • Multi-level parking deck adjacent to the building with 600 spaces

  • A multipurpose retail concept called Bergman's Bakery


The 600: A Boost to Birmingham's Economy

The 600 is set to bring an economic boost to downtown Birmingham. The project is expected to attract families and young professionals who will spend money on goods and services in the area. This, in turn, will create jobs and opportunities for local businesses.


According to Wardine Alexander, Birmingham City Council President, "The more dollars they spend, the more it helps for the bottom line and allows us to spend in other areas in the city of Birmingham." Main Street Alabama views the project as an opportunity to create a vibrant community in the downtown area that will attract more visitors and encourage investment in the area.

The 600: A Project with a Purpose

The 600 is not just a building; it is a project with a purpose. The project aims to create a vibrant and dynamic downtown area that will attract families, visitors, and businesses. The building's design, amenities, and convenient location make it a perfect choice for those who want to experience luxury living in the heart of Birmingham.


Main Street Alabama recognizes the importance of projects like The 600 in creating a vibrant and sustainable downtown area. The project is set to become a landmark in Birmingham, attracting visitors and businesses for years to come.


The 600: A Milestone in Birmingham's History

The opening of The 600 is a milestone in Birmingham's history, marking the transformation of the downtown area into a vibrant and dynamic community. The project is set to attract families, young professionals, and visitors, creating an economic boost for the area.


Main Street Alabama welcomes The 600 as a new addition to the downtown area, offering luxury living, modern amenities, and convenient parking. The project is set to become a landmark in Birmingham, creating a vibrant and sustainable downtown area for years to come.


Join Main Street In Supporting Downtown Areas

The 600's redevelopment is set to bring new life to downtown Birmingham. The addition of over 400 luxury apartments and a restaurant and retail space is expected to attract residents and visitors alike. The building's location in the heart of downtown Birmingham and its proximity to other major projects will contribute to the city's revitalization efforts.


Main Street Alabama is focused on the revitalization of downtown Birmingham and is excited about the potential impact The 600 will have on the community. The redevelopment of The 600 will bring life and people back to the downtown area and contribute to the city's economic growth.


As Birmingham continues to grow and revitalize, the future looks bright for the city's downtown area. Main Street Alabama is committed to supporting small businesses and creating a more pedestrian-friendly downtown area to help ensure the city's continued success.

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