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New Car Tag to Support Alabama Small Businesses - PRESS RELEASE

Aug 12th, 2020

Birmingham, Ala. - Alabama residents may soon be able to show their commitment to supporting local businesses with a distinctive car tag. The Shop Local Support Small Business tag will be produced if at least 1,000 complete an online application and pay a $50 fee by October 31, 2021.

Main Street Alabama, the benefitting organization, will use proceeds to support workshops and small business grants.

Casey Middlebrooks, Hoover City Councilman, explained that a group of Jefferson County Councilors meet regularly to discuss impending issues and wanted to find a way to support local businesses after the pandemic hit in March.

“We felt Main Street Alabama had the statewide presence and resources to facilitate support to small businesses throughout the state,” said Middlebrooks.

“Small businesses keep it local by consistently sponsoring the local baseball team, providing gift baskets for the local charity drives, and creating jobs in their community,” said Mary Helmer, Main Street Alabama State Coordinator. “With this program, individuals can show their dedication to their favorite small businesses, who in many cases are their friends and neighbors, with a tag that gives back to them with workshops and grants focused on strengthening their business.”

Darrell O’Quinn, Birmingham City Councilor, commissioned Chris Seagle, a graphic designer in Birmingham, to create the artwork for the tag. Seagle’s other work includes the Market at Pepper Place in Birmingham and the City of Talladega.

To learn more about purchasing the Shop Local Support Small Business tag, visit Main Street Alabama’s website,

Main Street Alabama is a private non-profit and state coordinating program of Main Street America. The National Main Street Four-Point Approach™ is an over 40-year model that focuses work in four areas: organization, design, promotion, and economic vitality with strategies unique to the community and based on market-based outcome.

To pre-commit, click on "view link" and enter information.  Tags will be produced if 1,000 pre-commitments are made by October 31, 2021 and will be made available after that date.  

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