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Investor Spotlight: USDA

Aug 16th, 2023


The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) plays a pivotal role in shaping the agricultural landscape and fostering rural development within Alabama. Through a comprehensive array of programs and initiatives, the USDA extends its support to farmers, ranchers, rural communities, and residents across the state. From facilitating sustainable agricultural practices and ensuring food security to advancing research and fostering economic growth, the USDA's multifaceted efforts are instrumental in propelling Alabama's agricultural sector and enhancing the well-being of its residents.

Investor Spotlight: USDA

Main Street Alabama is honored to collaborate alongside the USDA. Just as we hope to create economic vitality as we revitalize historic downtowns, we support the USDA in its efforts to foster economic opportunity in rural America through innovation, supporting its prosperous growth.

USDA Initiatives 

Main Street Alabama is proud to support USDA and its efforts to promote economic growth and development in our state. The USDA provides vital resources and support to small businesses and communities, helping to create jobs and strengthen local economies. Through programs like the Rural Business Development Grant and the Community Facilities Program, the USDA has helped countless businesses and organizations in Alabama thrive.


Main Street Alabama proudly announces its partnership with the USDA on the Small Box Shop initiative, equipping communities like Heflin, Monroeville, Jasper, Wetumpka, and Enterprise with innovative shipping container storefronts, and with Elba and Marion soon to join the list. This initiative offers budding entrepreneurs a unique chance to trial their business concepts prior to committing to traditional brick-and-mortar setups. 


Main Street Alabama is committed to promoting economic development and revitalization in our state's historic downtowns. We believe that vibrant downtowns are essential to the health and prosperity of our communities, and we work tirelessly to support small businesses and entrepreneurs. By partnering with the USDA, we are able to provide even more resources and support to our members, helping them to grow and succeed. Together, we are building a stronger, more prosperous Alabama for all.

Partnering With Main Street Alabama

Main Street Alabama stands at the forefront of statewide initiatives dedicated to rejuvenating urban centers and local neighborhoods. Our unwavering commitment to bolstering economic growth infuses historic regions across the entire state with renewed vitality, jobs, and revenue. Serving as the designated state coordinator for Main Street Programs and in close partnership with the esteemed National Main Street Center, we possess a well-established history of breathing life back into declining areas.


Harnessing the power of our distinctive Main Street Four-Point Approach®, communities experience a resurgence driven by effective organization, enhanced neighborhood design, dynamic districts, and a more robust economic foundation. Your tax-deductible investment becomes a catalyst for positive transformation, elevating the quality of the environments where we reside, labor, and engage in recreation. Together, let's foster prosperous communities that safeguard heritage while embracing a vibrant and promising tomorrow. We invite you to participate in shaping the trajectory of Alabama's future and leaving an indelible imprint for generations to come.

Levels Of Partnerships

Here at Main Street Alabama, we have a multitude of partnership opportunities that are available to different levels of support and recognition. These include: 


  • Revitalizer

  • Galvanizer 

  • Stakeholder 

  • Promoter 

  • Investor 

  • Supporter

  • Friend


We are so thankful for the continued support from our amazing investors, and we can not sincerely thank them enough for their partnerships. 


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