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Historic Hotels in Birmingham

Oct 15th, 2023



Welcome to the vibrant and historic canvas of Birmingham, Alabama! Through the lens of Main Street Alabama, allow us to unveil the city’s treasured accommodations that not only stand as a testament to its rich history but also offer an exquisite experience of luxury and comfort. These historic hotels, deeply rooted in Birmingham’s past, promise guests a unique stay that is both enlightening and indulgent, making every visit to the city truly memorable. Join us as we journey through the corridors of these iconic establishments, where every brick and mortar whispers tales of a bygone era, inviting you to be part of Birmingham's storied past.

Historic Hotels in Birmingham

The city boasts three prominent historic hotels: Elyton Hotel, Redmont Hotel, and the Tutwiler Hotel, which has been transformed into Hampton Inn and Suites. Each of these distinguished establishments is strategically situated in downtown Birmingham, offering swift and effortless access to some of the city's celebrated entertainment districts. With an array of amenities catered to meet the diverse needs of guests, these hotels provide a spectrum of luxurious and high-end options guaranteed to delight the most discerning of travelers. Whether you’re looking for a tranquil environment for relaxation or a space to relish the intrinsic beauty of Birmingham, these historic hotels have something to offer for everyone.

The Elyton Hotel

The Elyton Hotel is a distinctive blend of historical architecture and modern luxury. Housed in the Empire Building, which was erected in 1909, the Elyton Hotel is steeped in the rich history of the area while providing contemporary amenities and comforts to its guests. This boutique hotel embodies a chic design with a warm and inviting atmosphere, making it an ideal destination for both leisure and business travelers. With its central location, the Elyton Hotel provides easy access to Birmingham's business district and renowned cultural attractions, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the bustling energy of the city. The attentive staff, stylish accommodations, and unique ambiance of the Elyton Hotel collectively offer a memorable experience for those visiting the dynamic city of Birmingham.

The Redmont Hotel

The Redmont Hotel, nestled in the vibrant heart of downtown Birmingham, Alabama, epitomizes historical elegance since its inception in 1925. As Birmingham's oldest hotel, The Redmont boasts a rich history intertwined with the fabric of the city, offering guests a glimpse into the past with its meticulously preserved architecture and classic decor. Simultaneously, it provides contemporary comforts and amenities to ensure a luxurious stay for its guests. The hotel's prime location offers convenient access to the city’s renowned cultural, entertainment, and business hubs, making it an ideal choice for both leisure and business travelers. Whether indulging in the sophisticated cuisine at the hotel's on-site restaurant or exploring the neighboring attractions, guests at The Redmont Hotel enjoy a unique blend of historical charm and modern luxury. 

The Tutwiler Hotel

Located centrally in downtown Birmingham, the historic Tutwiler Hotel, also known as Hampton Inn & Suites Birmingham Downtown Tutwiler, seamlessly blends rich history with modern comfort. Established initially in 1914 by Major Edward M. Tutwiler, this iconic landmark was reborn in 1986, exuding charm through its Beaux-Arts architecture and offering guests an inviting ambiance reminiscent of its storied past. The hotel is strategically located, providing easy access to local attractions like the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, the Alabama Theatre, and the Birmingham Museum of Art. Whether you're a history buff, a business traveler, or a leisure seeker, the Tutwiler Hotel extends a warm welcome within its timeless and elegant facade. For a stay that’s steeped in history and draped in comfort, the Tutwiler Hotel stands as a distinguished choice in Birmingham.

History Worth Exploring 

The historic hotels gracing Birmingham are indeed the city's prized treasures. Embodied within their walls are the aspirations and dreams nurtured by the early settlers of Birmingham, a tangible manifestation of the seeds of progress sown long ago in the city’s tapestry. These establishments not only symbolize the foundational efforts to broaden the city's appeal but also magnetize attention nationwide with their unique offerings. Visitors from every corner of the country, or even local residents planning staycations, are invariably captivated by an unparalleled blend of history, luxury, and comfort offered by these hotels. With concierge teams that are not only friendly but also well-versed and dedicated to delivering exemplary service, guests are assured of an experience that seamlessly melds the richness of history with the epitome of comfort and luxury.

The Many Amenities

All of these historic hotels of Birmingham combine the history of the era with modern-day luxury. The hotels have amenities such as: 

  1. Fine Dining Options

  2. On-Site Fitness Centers 

  3. Pet Friendly

  4. Meeting Rooms

These are just a few of the many amenities offered. Guests have everything that they need plus more at their fingertips. We know that sometimes travelers forget things and that luggage gets lost when transitioning from one plane to another. The Historic Hotels in Birmingham are ready and prepared to handle any situation, with care.

History Holds the Keys

As Alabama's largest and fastest-growing city, Birmingham beckons with a blend of history and opportunities, drawing travelers worldwide. With its historic hotels, not only do guests immerse in a rich historical atmosphere, but they also engage in various activities suited for all ages. So, why wait?

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