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Posted on Sep 11, 2020

Growing up, Mary Helmer’s mother had a mantra: “Leave it better than you found it.” Mary works hard to do exactly that in her role as President and State Coordinator at Main Street Alabama. “Main Street Alabama is an organization that works with cities and neighborhood commercial districts to revitalize their downtown and neighborhood areas,” Mary says.

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Posted on Sep 04, 2020

Main Street Alabama celebrates local program successes with the announcement of the 7th Annual Awards of Excellence. The awards honor projects and individuals that make tremendous impacts in their respective communities.

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Main Street resource team in Atmore this week

Posted on Sep 03, 2020

A resource team with Main Street Alabama will be in Atmore this week, according to officials.

The team will be in Atmore Sept. 3-5.

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Pool hall project set to take shape this fall

Posted on Aug 06, 2020

COLUMBIANA — When Rob McLeroy looks at the building known as the “old pool hall” in downtown Columbiana, he has fond memories. He also sees much potential in a project he is actively involved in restoring.

McLeroy, alongside his partner David Oakes and son Mailon McLeroy—together as McOakes Properties LLC—are in the process of turning the once-deteriorating structure into a symbol of Columbiana’s future.

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Foley Main Street presents new branding

Posted on Aug 06, 2020

FOLEY - After three years, the moment Downtown Foley has been waiting for is here. After spending the first year as a Main Street Alabama city setting a solid program foundation via a resource team and the second year conducting an in-depth market analysis, we have finally made it to the third stage: branding.

What is community branding? A personal logo and tagline to give visitors (and locals) insight into the community they have entered, and to leave them wanting to learn more.

“Whenever we go into a community one thing we like to think about with the brand is it’s a promise,” said Shawn Terpack with Arnett Muldrow, the company behind the branding process. “This is a promise to the people that are going to come to your community, that are going to experience what you have to offer, and we want to make this brand as authentic as we possibly can. We don’t want to overpromise and we definitely don’t want to underdeliver, but we want it to be authentic.”

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Foley Main Street moving forward on multiple projects

Posted on Jul 21, 2020

FOLEY - Foley Main Street, which came to the community in 2018 after the city was designated an Alabama Main Street city, recently scored three wins for downtown Foley. Including new bike racks, a Façade Grant expansion, and the potential for murals and street art downtown, Foley Main Street is pushing ahead on multiple projects to revitalize the downtown area.

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COVID-19 pandemic will be major focus of Birmingham’s Small Business Week

Posted on Jul 15, 2020

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Although the COVID-19 pandemic has presented many challenges for small business owners, it’s also creating opportunities, something city leaders plan to emphasize during Birmingham’s Small Business Week.

The annual event begins Monday and lasts until Friday. One of the organizers said they thought about the pandemic with everything they planned for the week.

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Foley Main Street partners with Baldwin County Trailblazers, Inc. to bring bike racks downtown

Posted on Jul 15, 2020

FOLEY - Through a partnership between Foley Main Street and Baldwin County Trailblazers, Inc., citizens will soon be able to utilize bike racks in multiple locations throughout downtown Foley.

“I would like to thank the Baldwin County Trailblazers, Inc. for providing Foley Main Street with a grant that will provide bike racks for downtown Foley,” said councilmember Charlie Ebert. “Also, I would like to recognize Foley Main Street for securing the grant on behalf of the City of Foley and assisting with the locations of the bike racks that will be installed by Public Works. The work by Foley Main Street and Baldwin County Trailblazers, Inc. is greatly appreciated.”

The grant awarded by Baldwin County Trailblazers, Inc. is worth $800. The monies will go to custom designed bike racks that the Foley Main Street Designing Committee has been reviewing. Prior to the July 6 council, Design Committee Chair Sherry Sullivan met with city Public Works employees and Foley Main Street Executive Director Darrelyn Dunmore to identify spots downtown where bike racks would be most beneficial to citizens.

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Fort Payne Main Street accepting applications for grant money

Posted on Jul 06, 2020

The Fort Payne Main Street organization is taking applications for grants it plans to award later this month to merchants, businesses and restaurants located in the historic Fort Payne Main Street district.

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