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Oxford was selected as a designated Main Street Alabama community on June 2, 2014.  By establishing a thriving commerical district in historic downtown Oxford, they hope to be able to impart a sense of the flavor, history and pride Oxfordians have for their city, as well as preserving the past, and re-establishing a sense of community.  

Our Main Street Success Story

With the opening of the performing arts center, the building of a sports complex, completion of the Coldwater Mountain Bike Trails, and their proximity to many popular attractions, Oxford has begun focusing on tourism. Since its completion in May, 2013, the performing arts center alone has attracted nearly 20,000 patrons with a total economic impact of $650,000. Based on the projected growth of programs and events hosted by the center, it is anticipated in 2015 the center will attract nearly 150,000 patrons with an economic impact of $4 million dollars. Situated in the heart of historic downtown Oxford, the center will act as a catalyst to drive additional investment and traffic into the area.

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Cumulative totals to date for Oxford (Since June 2014):


Net New Businesses


Net New Jobs Created


Public Dollars Invested

$ 2,195,450

Private Dollars Invested


Volunteers Hours