Video: Montevallo hopes to fill empty buildings thanks to Main Street Alabama designation

Posted on Jun 23, 2016

Montevallo is quiet in the summer but Becky Cox-Rodgers still sees the occasional art student from the University of Montevallo. Business at her Falcon Art Supply store remains steady enough to keep their doors open year round. Other businesses on Main St. have not been as fortunate. "It's a negative. When there's only businesses open on the block like there are on my block, you don't have as many walking by, window shopping and it doesn't look good," said Cox-Rodgers, a graduate of the University of Montevallo. 

This month the City of Montevallo was designated a recipient of the Main Street Alabama program after a 5-month application process. Mayor Hollie Cost hopes the non-profit will help organize the city's effort to attract business willing to renovate the city's abandoned buildings. "In the past we've reached out to certain business and they've approached us and we haven't necessarily gone about it in maybe the most ideal way because we didn't have the tools and resources we needed."

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